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Chlorella is now regarded as a synonym for health food. However, do you really know about chlorella? Here in "Chlorella Library" provides you basic knowledge and related information about chlorella in detail.
Number7:Chlorella in the light of dietary fiber and chlorophyll
Internal contamination
The dioxin pollutions of soil, agricultural products and various foods are in the news in recent years. Dioxin diffuses widely in flue gas from garbage incineration facilities, and it pollutes soil, river, and sea after flowing out of residual ashes. In many cases, it is taken into the human body through agricultural products, dairy products and fish. Some is eliminated from the body together with the elimination, however, the most part is absorbed into the small intestine and stored in the body. Process absorb dioxin into human body
The reason of this dioxin, so-called "the most toxic chemical", is a great threat to human beings is that it has various adverse effects on human bodies such as an inhibiting of the reproductive functions as well as being an induction substance of cancer. The secondary influence given to babies through the breast milk also becomes a problem. According to the "Research on the intake of dioxin baby takes through mother's milk" reported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in April 1998, the intake of dioxin baby takes a day is six or seven times as that one of acceptable of adults.
Besides that, it is said that residual pesticides and some of food additives in food we happen to take may pollute our bodies. It is considered that hidden causes of many of chronic pains and medical problems are derived from toxic substances, chemical substances and heavy metals which invaded our bodies.
Chlorella's bright green color comes from the color of chlorophyll, and chlorella contains chlorophyll plentifully. Furthermore, covered by the tough cell wall, chlorella contains plenty of dietary fiber. These chlorophyll and dietary fiber were regarded as non-nutritious and unnecessary substances until quite recently, however, they are now reconsidered as essential components for the intestinal functions, and greatly became into the front.
Today, although many efforts to reduce the contaminations such as dioxin are made in various activities, it is not completely. Various toxic substances undermine our dietary lives without our noticing. In order to prevent absorption of the toxic substances like dioxin, and promote a prompt excretion of them out of the body, we had better try to take food that contained much chlorophyll and dietary fiber.