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Chlorella is now regarded as a synonym for health food. However, do you really know about chlorella? Here in "Chlorella Library" provides you basic knowledge and related information about chlorella in detail.
Number11:Chlorella contributing to global environment
Another possibility of chlorella
We have mentioned about chlorella as health food so far, but this time we would like to talk about a surprising usage of chlorella. Chlorella is utilized to protect not only human health but also the whole earth we are living. Global warming is rapidly increasing, and the measures are discussed on a worldwide basis. Under the circumstances, it is discovered that chlorella has a capability to absorb CO2, which causes the global warming, more than 10 times as much as other ordinary plants do. Chlorella, which generated oxygen and produced the prosperity of creatures in the former times, is now saving the earth facing the human-driven crisis.
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Global warming
In November 2004, the issue of Kyoto Protocol on global warming became reality when Russia approved ratification. Global warming is a phenomenon that globe's average temperature heats up due to the increase of amount of greenhouse gases such as carbonic anhydride caused by high usage of chemical fuel after Industrial Revolution in 18th century. When the global warming progresses, seawater will expand and glacier will melt. As a result, sea levels will rise and many shores will be submerged. Or such big changes of global climate will cause extreme weather in many places. To prevent the global warming, not only a country but all countries must tackle this problem together.
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Project to reduce CO2 by chlorella
To reduce CO2 concentration, that is the main factor of earth warming, is one of the great challenge for 21st century. Today various basic studies related to this subject are undergoing. "The Project for Biological Fixation and Utilization" by Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE) is attracting attentions as one of the innovative environmental technologies. This project optimizes the activities of bacteria and micro algae in freshwater or seawater to absorb CO2 into their bodies by photosynthesis. This is a big project trying to reduce CO2 by using photosynthetic activities of bacteria and micro algae.
Chlorella is playing an important role in this project. Chlorella that can fix CO2 in high-efficiency has already been discovered. Because chlorella can fix CO2 with over 10 times of photosynthetic efficiency than that of the ordinary plants, it might be no longer a dream that it reduces CO2 10 times as much as forests do. In this way, chlorella is helpful not only for one's health but also preventing earth warming and recharging the health of earth.