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Founder of Sun Chlorella Corporation-A Life Story of Hideo Nakayama
Hideo Nakayama, the founder of Sun Chlorella Group was born in 1915 in Rebun island where is located in the northernmost part of Japan.
After World War II, although his business in Kyoto was successful, he was attacked by various diseases because of overwork in a long-term military life.
When he was settling his business in order to concentrate on the medical treatment, there was fateful encounter with chlorella. Due to his tremendous amount of effort, he miraculously recovered thanks to chlorella. Then, he made a decision to devote the rest of his life for the research and the spread of chlorella as he believed that letting everyone realize the joy of recovery from diseases and the wonderfulness of chlorella to many people is a divine decree for him.
1974 - Hideo Nakayama when attended the completion ceremony of the first head office building of Sun Chlorella Corporation
1990 - The general convention at the 20th anniversary In 1969, at the age of 54, he established a chlorella sales agency "Heian Chlorella Jeffcy Co., Ltd." in Kyoto with his wife. Initially, he began to sell the products at the store, however, he felt the need of "Increasing the consumer recognition of chlorella", "Providing credibility and comfort of our products to many customers" and "Conveying correct product information to customer directly". So he changed the selling method to introducing the direct-selling method by mail-order system.
He worked on research of chlorella and never became bloated with his pride by chlorella being appreciated.
Although chlorella became popular, he continued the research for making the chlorella with the best quality always. In that regard, it is also shown clearly that our proprietary pulverization method of chlorella cell wall was recognized as a patent both in Japan and the U.S.
1998 - The International conference in Jakarta
The ceremony for sanctifying ground for new corporate head office On the other hand, as he thought that there was no border for wishing health, he had also started to spread chlorella overseas. The recent annual sales of Sun Chlorella Group is about JP(Yen)20 billion. Even today Sun Chlorella Corporation grew up to be a leading company in Kyoto, we have been inheriting Nakayama's foundation spirit and his ethics with each company of the Sun Chlorella Group.
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1969 December   Established Heian Chlorella Jeffcy Co., Ltd.
1971 July   Changed company name to Sun Chlorella Co., Ltd., and began production of our own brand Sun Chlorella
1974 March   Completion ceremony for corporate headquarters
1975 July   Established Chlorella Trading Co., Ltd. fully financed by Chlorella Sun Co., Ltd.
1976 June   Achieved pulverization of chlorella cell wall
  August   Extracted successfully Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.)
  November   Started selling our patented product Sun Chlorella "A"
1979 July   Began selling our product Chlorella Wakasa Gold
1980 February   Chlorella Sun Co., Ltd. changed company name to Sun Chlorella Co., Ltd.
1981 December   Granted Japan patent No. 1076130, "Method of Disrupting the Chlorella Cell Wall by Cell Rupture"
1982 November   Established Sun Chlorella California Inc. (Torrance, U.S.A.)
  December   Sun Chlorella California Inc. changed to YSK American Corporation
1984 July   Started research on Eleuthero in Ashoro. (Hokkaido, Japan)
1986 January   Sun Chlorella Co., Ltd. changed to YSK International Corporation
1987 January   Began first clinical research with Virginia Commonwealth University
1989 September   Established Yume Co., Ltd.
  November   Established Sun Chlorella Co., Ltd. as a domestic sales company
1993 June   YSK American Corporation changed to Sun Wellness, Inc.
  July   Founded PT. Sun Chlorella Indonesia Manufacturing
1994 July   Granted U.S. patent No. 5330913, "Method of Disrupting the Chlorella Cell Wall by Cell Rupture"
  October   Completion of the PT. Sun Chlorella Indonesia Manufacturing
1999 June   Sun Chlorella Co., Ltd. changed to Sun Chlorella Sales Corporation
  December   YSK International Corporation changed company name to Sun Chlorella Corporation
2000 January   Founder Hideo Nakayama passed away
  April   Sun Wellness Inc. changed to Sun Chlorella USA Corporation
  August   Started annual special support for Sun Chlorella Classic golf tournament (Sapporo, Japan)
  October   Established Sun Chlorella Europe
(Munich, Germany)
2001 January   Granted Japan patent No. 3143636, "Method of Disrupting the Chlorella Cell Wall by Cell Rupture"
  April   Established Sun Chlorella Corporation Shanghai Representative Office (Shanghai, China)
  May   Completion of new corporate headquarters (Kyoto, Japan)
Began selling our product Sun Chlorella Agaricus
  December   Established Sun Chlorella USA Corporation New York Branch office
(New York, U.S.A.)
2003 April   Established Sun Chlorella Brasil Importação e Exportação Ltda.
(São Paulo, Brazil)
  September   Granted U.S. patent "Method of a Mixture of the Agaricus Blazei Murrill"
  October   Established Sun Chlorella Corporation Düsseldorf Branch
(Düsseldorf, Germany)
  December   Granted Japan patent "Method of a Mixture of the Agaricus Blazei Murrill"
2004 March   Completion of new headquarters of Sun Chlorella USA Corporation
(Los Angels, U.S.A.)
2005 June   Established Sun Chlorella Corporation London Branch
(London, U.K.)
2006 March   Established Sun Chlorella Shanghai Co., Ltd.
(Shanghai, China)
2007 January   Established Sun Chlorella Beijing Co., Ltd.
(Beijing, China)
  November   Sun Chlorella USA Corporation New York Branch office was integrated into L.A. head office