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In order to provide high quality chlorella products to valued customers, we insist on the culturing environment and manufacturing process.
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Chlorella is cultured outdoors under strict sanitary measures with the blessing of Indonesia's natural environment.
At Sun Chlorella , we insist on two things to bring the customer stabled high-quality chlorella.
First, while there are many species of chlorella, we insist upon using Chlorella pyrenoidosa (SUN CHLORELLA strain).
Among the many constituents of chlorella is one called Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.), which is the most important, and only Chlorella pyrenoidosa (SUN CHLORELLA strain) contains it in large quantity.
Chlorella culturing plant
Second, our chlorella is cultured under optimum conditions, namely outdoor culture, which we believe the best method for culturing chlorella. It is outdoor culture that much more C.G.F. and other active components contained in Chlorella can be obtained than tank culture that doesn’t use sunlight. That’s why chlorella is called "Packed Sunlight".
In order to meet the conditions for culturing chlorella, it is needed the optimum environment such as low rainfall, large amount of sunlight, stable temperature, plenty of good quality groundwater, and clean air etc. So-called subtropical region like Taiwan has the best conditions for culturing chlorella. In Japan, it is therefore difficult environment to implement the outdoor culture except in very limited southern islands.
 Only the chlorella cultured in such optimum environment is processed to Sun Chlorella products under rigid quality control by our in-house as well as Japanese strict standards.

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High level of our own cell wall pulverization technology to improve chlorella's digestibility and absorption.
Chlorella, which is protected by the tough cell wall has overcome a severe change. However, this tough cell wall also made taking effective ingredient difficult.
We at Sun Chlorella Corporation were the first in Japan to develop a pioneering cell wall pulverization technology and obtained the patent in USA.
Our success in physically pulverizing at least 95% of the cell wall achieved dramatic improvement in digestibility as shown. This is an unprecedented high rate compared to the photomicrographs of other chlorella (as shown on lower right) claiming the cell wall pulverization. Furthermore, our chlorella has no damage of the useful components because we physically pulverize the cell wall without using chemical, enzyme, heat, etc.
Photomicrograph(Sun Chlorella)
Photomicrograph(Other Chlorella)
Chlorella Digestibility Comparison Process patent certificate of ruptured cell wall chlorella
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Integrated production from cultivation to finished product brings you chlorella without safety concerns.
Sun Chlorella brings the customer high quality chlorella by managing its entire production from raw materials to the finished product. This is because, as a health food company, we believe it is incumbent upon us to practice rigorous production stages, thereby allowing us to continue making very safe products. Sun Chlorella "A" is manufactured at a certified factory that meets the dietary/food supplement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards of the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association and approved to indicate it on the product. This dietary/food supplement GMP standards were established according to the guideline by MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) on February 1, 2005. photo

Activity on Quality